CT Coronary Calcium Score is a non-invasive medical test to obtain information on the presence, location and extent of calcified plaque in the coronary arteries. The results estimate the risk of a heart attack in the next 5–10 years. A high calcium score does not mean that you will have a heart attack, only that there is a greater likelihood of having one than someone with a low score. This can help us determine if you will need further investigation(s) to prevent a major cardiac event. Even a person with a score of zero could have a heart attack.

Who will benefit from the Coronary Artery Calcium Score?

  • Women aged between 35 and 70 years
  • Men aged between 40 and 60 years
  • Patients outside these age ranges do not have any value in assessing the risk.

Who will not benefit from a Coronary Artery Calcium Score?

  • Those who has already had a heart attack, coronary bypass surgery or a coronary artery stent. These events have already indicated a high risk. A calcium score cannot be used to see if any treatment is working or not.