Slide Review Test

What is the Slide Review Test?

The Slide Review Test is a medical examination that involves the thorough analysis of blood cells under a microscope. This test is commonly used to detect abnormalities, diagnose diseases, and monitor the progression of various medical conditions.

What is it Used For?

The Slide Review Test is primarily used to aid in the diagnosis of diseases and conditions, such as lack of red blood cell pigmentation (anaemia), malnutrition, blood cancer, infections, inflammatory disorders, and more. By examining blood cells microscopically, healthcare professionals can gain valuable insights into the nature of the condition and its potential treatment options.

Symptoms and Risk Factors

The Slide Review Test is often performed when your Full Blood Count is significantly abnormal and if there are symptoms or risk factors suggestive of underlying health issues. These may include appearing pale, fatigue, abnormal swellings or other concerning symptoms.

Who Needs It?

Patients who require further evaluation of their blood count results, symptoms, abnormalities, or potential health risks may be advised to undergo a Slide Review Test. It is commonly recommended by physicians and specialists as a diagnostic tool for a wide range of medical conditions.

Normal Range

The Slide Review Test doesn't have a specific "normal range" like some other medical tests. Instead, scientists and pathologists analyze the blood sample for any abnormalities or deviations from healthy cellular appearances. A Slide Review may not be performed if your Full Blood Count is normal or just mildly abnormal.


The Slide Review Test is a vital diagnostic tool that allows medical professionals to closely examine blood samples under a microscope. By identifying cellular changes and abnormalities, healthcare providers can make accurate diagnoses and develop tailored treatment plans for patients. If you're experiencing unexplained symptoms or need further evaluation, consult your healthcare provider to determine if a Full Blood Count and Slide Review Test is appropriate for you.