Stress Test


A simple and the most basic test of your heart’s functional response to physical stress using treadmill exercise with electrocardiography (ECG) and blood pressure monitoring.

The test is used to:

  • Determine your likelihood of having coronary artery disease
  • Identify abnormal heart rhythms
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your cardiac treatment plan
  • Help you develop a safe exercise program

    How is it done?

    Small electrodes will be placed on your chest which will be connected to a heart monitor. The speed and elevation of the treadmill will increase during the test.

    You will be instructed to continue walking on the treadmill until a specific heart rate is achieved or you cannot continue.

    The test may be stopped at any time you request, but try to go as long as possible for an adequate test. During this time, your heart rhythm, heart rate and blood pressure will be monitored.

    You may resume normal activities for the rest of the day.